Sable Corp and Projects was first registered in July 07, 1992, as Sable Packaging and Equipment, with registration number 1992/18143/23. The main packaging product offering being a rubber release film, to a niche market of rubber producing companies / conveyor belt manufacturers.

Mzwanele Myataza took over the ownership of Sable in May 01, 2012, and is the only registered member of the company. In February 13, 2013, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) approved the name change to Sable Corp and Projects, to facilitate unlocking opportunities either than packaging.

The opportunity identified was in Logistics, the Manufacture, Installation, and Servicing of conveyors – both rollers and conveyor belts. Also, lubricants were added as a supplement and additional product offering.

The skills set of personnel attracted into the business propelled and made it necessary for SableCorp to extend the company’s focus to include the full range of engineering services and solutions, parts replacement, including the design and manufacture of hydraulic, electronic and mechanical equipment.

With the new BEE Codes placing focus on skills development, SableCorp will continue to recruit graduates with Mechanical Engineering Diplomas (Degree), not only for targeted training, but with the objective of absorbing these learners into the organisation.

Sable Corp and Projects has been accredited by Empowerdex, as a Level 1 Contributor, with a BEE Procurement Recognition level of 135%. Achieving this has created a competitive advantage for the company, over and above our world class engineering services and solutions.